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HappyWind Holding AB, HWH, is a Swedish special purpose company founded to act as a management and holding company of investments in Wind Farm Projects in Asia and the Middle East. HappyWind's first investment is the Mongolian company Qleantech LLC holding a 250 MW wind farm License in South Gobi, Mongolia. Construction is scheduled to start in 2018.


HappyWind Holding AB was founded by Mr Hans Svensson and Mr Ulf Corné in the beginning of 2012.

Mongolian Supergrid


The lights of the high-end boutiques and bars of Tokyo’s Ginza neighborhood may someday be powered by coal burned more than 1,700 miles away (2,700 kilometers) in Mongolia, electricity zipping over ultra-high voltage lines across deserts and under seas.


That’s the idea behind plans in Asia for so-called super grids, sending power from countries with relatively few people but lots of wind, sun and fossil fuels to distant electricity-hungry population centers trying to keep up with demand. Mongolia, desperate to make more of its abundant resources as it seeks to revive its flailing economy, aims to make that vision a reality through one of the world’s most ambitious power projects...



Mongolian State Great Khural and UAE’s Federal National Assembly ink cooperation MOU



The Speaker of Mongolian Parliament, Mr M.Enkhbold and the President of the Federal National Assembly of the United Arab Emirates, Dr Amal Abdullah Al Qubaisi signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation between Parliaments on December 19 in Abu Dhabi. The MoU covers issues concerning bilateral cooperation on both regional and global levels, and bilateral relations in the areas of politics, economy, culture and education.


During the ceremony, Dr Abdullah Al Qubaisi touched upon the matters of bilateral cooperation in investment, economy, justice and humanities. She highlighted that the UAE places a great importance in energy cooperation with Mongolia, and that both legislatures must pay a special attention to eliminating duplicated taxes and alleviation of visa conditions.

Local tax rules could favour foreign investments


The Mongolian Parliament approved the new Law on Free Trade Zone on 12 February 2015.


The new version of the law sets a special regime which covers establishing, altering and closing down the free trade zones, as well as regulates the location, administration, control, taxes and customs duties, checkpoint, state registration of individuals and legal entities in free trade zones.


For more detailed information, please refer to this link:



Trees planted at HWH wind farm site



In the last days of october 2014 our staff planted 2000 trees at the site of the wind farm control center and construction camp. The trees are a part of the license requirements for environmental protection.


The team has also finished the drilling of two wells for the local herders and the general construction site.

CDM Rights



During the recently concluded Climate Change Conference at Ministerial Level in Bonn, China presented a concrete increased activity to meet targets to reduce C02 levels. Mr. Xie Zhenhua, Vice Chairman of NDRC presented among others an extended trading system for CDM rights.


As a result, the NDRC yesterday unveiled a new system for a national Carbon Trading System on 5th Earth Temple Forum in Beijing. The system shall be established and function within 3 years and expand the previous six test markets with an additional market, Chongqing (the world's largest city with 42 million inhabitants) during June 2014.


The average price level in the test provinces of Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin, Hubei and Guangdong have so far been between U.S. 4,4 / tonne and 11.5 / tonne.

Site visit




HappyWind Holding visited the site for the proposed wind farm. The site visit was for three days and the management and staff from HappyWind and Qleantech were accompanied by the supplier and subcontractor.


The purpose of the visit was to be able to do a proper site inspection and determine where to place the roads, foundations and cabling.



Hans Svensson - CEO

Ulf Corné - Senior Technical Advisor

Gustaf Svensson - Business Controller

Tore Bengtsson - Technical Consultant

Elmer Wiklund - Technical Consultant



Grythundsgatan 6

115 47 Stockholm, Sweden


+46 (0)70 565 22 50





Our site is located in Tsagaan Khad, South Gobi, Mongolia.


The site is completely flat and completely desolate. The strong winds combined with low turbulence makes this site optimal for building a wind farm.



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